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2020 Regular Season

2020 Spring Season

Timing: Early Bird Registration will open October 1, 2019 for all divisions.

Single A and below registration will remain open through the end of February. Fees will increase by $25 after January 1, 2020.

AA and above fees will increase by $50 on November 30, 2019. Evaluations for these levels will take place at Patelco Fields December 14-15th. You will not be allowed to go through evaluations if you haven't registered your player for PLL.  If you do not make evaluations your player will be added to a wait list.

The 2020 season will begin March 2, 2020. Playoffs for AA and above will end May 23, 2020. Regular season for single A and below will end May 18, 2020.

Each team will have a game every Saturday. AA and above will have additional games mid week.

Due to weather games may be cancelled without prior notice. Based on field availability these games will be reviewed to be re-scheduled but not guaranteed.

Team Practices: Practices will be held at team manager's discretion. 

Fees: The fee for each program will vary by division. Registration includes: jersey, hat, umpire fees, field setup, and team equipment.

Financial Assistance: If you need need financial assistance registering your player for the 2019 season please contact President Peter Easton [email protected] for assistance.

Registration: Players should select the division they will play in the upcoming 2020 Spring Season. If you are not sure what "League Age" your child will be for 2020, please reference the following: 2020 Little League Age Chart. Please contact the Registrar, Andrea Leggett at [email protected] for all questions regarding registration.

Division Summaries:

T-Ball (League Age 5-6) Introduction to the game and being on a team in a fun, low-key environment is stressed.  All players are on the field for defense during each inning.  No outs are recorded, keeping players on base.  All players bat every inning.  One base at a time runners/batters and no score is kept.  Players age 5 MUST play in the T-Ball level.  The maximum eligible age for T-Ball is 6.

Farm (League Age 6-7) Farm is for players who are 6 and played T-Ball, or 7 and just starting.  Farm is played on a regulation field and is coach pitch.  The emphasis at this level is on learning to hit and beginning to make plays in the field.  All players are on the field for defense during each inning, with the infield set in traditional positions.  Outs are recorded.  All players bat every inning.  No more than 2 bases after a hit and no score is kept.  The maximum eligible age for Farm is 7.

Single A (League Age 7-9) Single A is for advanced 7 year olds, and 8 year olds who are just beginning.  Players at this level begin to regularly make routine plays in the field and can consistently hit a thrown pitch.  Player pitch is introduced from approx. 38’ (front of mound).  Only 9 defensive players are allowed on the field.  Outs are recorded, score is only kept to limit offense to 5 runs per inning.  The maximum eligible age for Single A is 9. 9 year olds should only join if they have no previous baseball experience.

Minors AA (League Age 8-10) AA is the first draft level and kid pitch from mound.  AA is for advanced 8 year olds, and beginning 9 and 10 year olds.  This is the first level of competitive baseball.  This level is designed to prepare players for the AAA and Majors levels.  Players at this level consistently make routine plays in the field and begin to understand some advanced concepts.  Base stealing is introduced and pitching and catching become important.  Wins and losses are kept.  Many players will repeat this level to gain more skills before advancing to AAA.  The maximum eligible age for AA is 10.

Minors AAA (League Age 9-11) AAA is the last division of minor baseball and is for players 9-11.  AAA is for advanced 9's, 10's that have played at least one year of AA, and 11's not prepared for majors.  Players play using the standard little league rules and the game is fast moving.  Steals are permitted and players may begin to specialize in positions.  AAA players are eligible for post-season play.

Majors (League Age 11-12) Majors is the premier level in Little League baseball with the opportunity to travel to Williamsport, PA to play in the Little League World Series for the Regional championship team.  Play is very competitive and it's recommended that players have 2 years of AAA experience before playing in Majors.  Pitching speeds of 50 to 60 mph, and the quickness of play in the infield, requires a great amount of attention.

Juniors (League Age13-14) Juniors is a program for 13 and 14 year olds and is divided into House and Gold teams.  Juniors introduces "real baseball" leadoffs, pick offs and players play on either an 80' or 90' diamond.  The Gold team is selected via an evaluation held in the pre-season and will travel to play other teams within District.  The will play about 40 games during the season and bat 9.  The House team plays other District teams as well, continuous batting order is used and any 13 or 14 year old can play House level at either the 80' or 90' diamond.  Our Junior 80s Gold team will also be our 50/70 team.  They will start off with a 12 game schedule of 50/70 games and then progress for the remaining games at the 80s distance.

Seniors (League Age 15-16) Seniors is a program for 15 and 16 year olds and is divided into two seasons.  The Premiere Season runs March to late May.  The Regular Season runs late May to late June.

Challengers (League Age 5-18) The Challengers Division provides a safe place for kids ages 5 to 18 who may have physical or mental challenges to come out and enjoy the game of Little League baseball.  Pleasanton National is Pleasanton's home town team.  Each spring, a team of boys and girls get together and play games at the Dublin Sports Park with other local Challenger teams from the east bay area to make it an afternoon they won't forget.  The season is typically from late March and finishing up with the Annual Challenger Jamboree.

Challengers (League Age 4-35)

Registration closes on 04/30/2020 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 03/01/2020 to 06/15/2020
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Seniors Gold (League Age 14-16)

Registration closes on 05/21/2020 at 11:45 PM
Season Dates: 05/18/2020 to 06/15/2020

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